One of my closest friends writes very funny paranormal romance and she has a terrific opportunity for you. I’ll let her tell you in her own words. Enjoy!


I’m Lexi George, and I write paranormal romance for Kensington about smexy demon hunters in the Deep South. Many, many thanks to the fabulous Debbie Herbert for inviting me to post on her page about my upcoming September release, Demon Hunting with a Sexy Ex.

If you enjoy humor, this book has it. If star-crossed lovers who get their happy ending is your cup of tea, it’s in there too. Oh, and there’s an albino Sasquatch, and a peanut-wielding statue, and—

Oh, dear. I’ll shut up now. I’m here today, thanks to Debbie’s generosity, looking for readers and reviewers for the new release. Sooooo, if you’re interested, shoot me an email at and I will send you the net galley link.

Thanks again, Debbie, for throwing bread on the waters for a fellow author. You’re the best! 😘


15 Tales for 99 Cents!

15 Tales for 99 cents!

Pretty Poison or Deadly Draught? You decide!

15 tales for 99 cents

I have a novella, CHANGED, in this newly released box set! It’s part of my Appalachian Magic Series.

Read the never before seen collaboration from today’s top voices in Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. This highly-curated collection contains fourteen EXCLUSIVE stories from today’s NYT and USAT bestselling authors, bringing you tales of magic, madness, malevolence, and so much more, including a majority of BRAND NEW material!

In this one-of-a-kind set, you’ll find thousands of pages packed with shifters, faeries, vampires, witches, and a host of other preternatural creatures! Available for a limited time only, Poison and Potions is a spellbinding opportunity you won’t want to miss.

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Blurb for my novella, CHANGED (Part of Poison & Potions box set):

Tara is on a mission to lift the curse placed upon her, and then true love awaits—if all goes as planned.

Cursed to reap over a thousand lost souls, Tara is almost finished. She’s worked hard the past year and wants her life back. More important, she wants Andrew back.

But part of the curse stipulates that she can’t tell him anything about where she’s been and what she’s been doing. How long will Andrew wait for her after being forced to live his life in limbo with no answers? The last two soul collections have been especially brutal and complex. Worse, Andrew has reached the limits of his patience.

Grab it while it’s on sale >here<!

And if you haven’t read my Appalachian Magic Series yet, be sure and pick up the copy of book one, CHARMED AND DANGEROUS here. This trilogy of New Adult Paranormal Romance features witches, immortals and fairies, all set in the beautiful, mysterious, Appalachian Mountains.