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Appalachian Prey by Debbie Herbert

Appalachian Prey

by Debbie Herbert

Giveaway ends December 21, 2017.

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Work in Progress Wednesday!



I’m currently working on a paranormal novella that will be part of the BAD Alpha Dad project. For more information on the project visit our website at: My work, THE LOST DRAGON, is one of over a dozen shifter books featuring alpha dads. Here’s a snippet from mine:

Drake exited the Hummer, squaring his shoulders. He was here on a mission to find Daphne and bring her home before some gold-digging con artist ruined her life. His personal feelings about Tansy be damned. In the last couple of decades, she’d probably aged considerably, as humans did. He must be prepared for wrinkles, a thickened waist, and a sensible bobbed haircut. Quickly, he tamped down an image of a twenty-two-year-old Tansy, her wild black hair framing a white pillow as he poised above her, ready to claim the naked body that writhed beneath him, begging for release.
Hot damn. This wouldn’t do at all. Drake used his considerable power of self-restraint to instead picture his runaway daughter, hell-bent on throwing her life away, falling for some scheming bastard who would use her and break her heart. He marched up the porch steps, impatient to get on with the awkward meeting. A few uncomfortable moments, and then they could keep matters on a professional level. He’d pay her well for her services and then, hopefully, never see her again.
He lifted a hand to knock, but the door creaked open a microsecond before his fist landed.
Tansy stood before him, looking as delectable as she had when they were young adults just discovering their sexuality. Her figure was slim, her hair longer than he’d remembered, and the slight crinkling at the edge of her eyes only lent her a more striking beauty.
“Drake,” she said flatly. “Never expected to see you again.”
Did he imagine it, or did her blue eyes darken in a way he well remembered as a sign of passion? In a flash, the deep hue disappeared, and her mouth slightly compressed into a pinched line. “Why are you here?” she asked.
“You don’t know? Shouldn’t you be able to detect the reason without me having to spell it out? I thought that’s what witches did.” The bitter dig escaped his lips, bypassing the careful barriers he normally used to shield his emotions.
“Same old Drake. Charming as always.”
He hadn’t meant to antagonize Tansy. Truth was, he needed her.
“Let’s start over, shall we?” he said. “I’m in need of your tracking expertise. I’ll pay you well for your time, of course.”
“I’m busy.”
To his astonishment, the door snapped shut. How rude. He wasn’t used to such abrupt refusals. Normally, people clamored to do business with him and curried to his every whim in order to gain favor. But then again, he’d never before needed to hire a witch. They were a whole different breed. He’d do well to remember that fact.

Be looking for the book in February 2018!