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    Welcome, Mary! Thanks for being a guest on my blog today.

  1. What kind of books do you write and why?

I write a different kind of fantasy.  It’s part historical, part mythological, deep, multi-layered and intensely emotional as well as spiritual. It’s NOT light reading.

I write them because I’m driven to do so…to get my thoughts across; to teach and to do so in an entertaining manner.


  1. What was your favorite book as a child?


I didn’t have a particular favorite. I read a lot. I recall reading Moby Dick at an early age…then Edgar Allen Poe. I read Regency Romances when I was studying early 19th century England…and wrote a book based on it which I doubt I’ll publish. I was 16. Later I read 1930’s pulp fiction Robert E. Howard’s Conan & Kull series. I read Evangeline Walton’s Mabinogion Series – all sword and sorcery. I started the books I’m publishing now around that time.  I wrote heroes in fantasy and myth situations.

  1. What is your writing routine?

Whenever I can find time, I write. I have a rather chaotic life and plenty of interruptions so editing has been a consistent problem.

  1. Do you listen to a specific soundtrack while you write?


I listen to New Age Instrumental or Meditation or some softer ethnic music. No vocals.

  1. Who or what has most influenced your writing?

    As above; Robert E. Howard and the ancient myths. Later on Joseph Campbell’s stories of the psychology behind myths and the hero cycles did. I was inspired by the life of African writer Kola Boof in the way that she puts her passion on the page.

  1. Where do you get your ideas?

I got them all from dreams, regressions, meditations and spiritual/paranormal encounters…from channeling most done in the 1970’s.

  1. How long have you been writing?

    As soon as I could hold a pencil I was ether writing or drawing stories and characters from my dreams. So 63 years. I drew a tornado when I was 3 even though I had never seen one. That was around the time I was having dreams about a horrible storm. My Mom told me it was a tornado. We didn’t have a TV and I didn’t know about Wizard of Oz.

  1. What’s a favorite line or passage from one of your books?

    There are so many! That’s really tough. In Book 2 the character Ariennu (one of the heroines) is speaking to King Menkaure as she soothes him before bed. (She’s one of his concubines) Suddenly the words of a spell come through her from her allegedly dead husband Marai’s spirit…or so she thinks.

 She thought of the luxury in which she had lived these past few days, but also thought of the dreadful emptiness in her life …

Quiet, yet gentle and reassuring words that seemed to be part of a spell or a prayer filtered through her thoughts. It was as if Marai recited them to her through time. Her instincts told her to repeat them, that they would comfort the man in her care.  She whispered them in Menkaure’s ear as they played in her heart.

“If emptiness flourishes, my king cannot take his food…If my king flourishes, emptiness cannot take its food.”

The thrill of her words raced through both men’s hearts; one struggling in the depth of a deathlike dream, the other dreaming of death in a candle-lit room.


Marai felt all of her sadness rush in on him, but knew there was nothing he could do.


“The words…” Menkaure paused. What seemed to be a tear caught in the corner of one of his eyes. His lower lip dimpled slightly. “How is it that a woman such as yourself, a sojourner, knows them?  They are taught to the sacred only.”  The king blinked, then moved his lips to her ear.  “Do you know the rest?”  he asked  “Gladden my sad heart, woman of the fire…speak her words to me so I can hear them again.”

Ariennu felt her own heart skip as a quiet spirit drifted through her. She suddenly felt as young as a new woman who was still learning about life and all of its joyous mysteries.

At first she thought it was Naibe’s essence, but then she knew it was a different young woman who had died. Goddess . A goddess…he loved a young goddess, but she was taken from him.  He did not protect her!  All at once, her heart thrilled to the sound of the king’s words. She had never heard these words before. She couldn’t explain to him how she knew them, or why, other than because of her own temptation to use heka, she felt compelled to repeat them.

“Take me with you, beloved, that I may eat of what you eat.” she spoke calmly but realized that such a devotion asked for love beyond the tomb. She could never give anyone but Marai that kind of devotion. The king rose from his couch to fetch the onyx cup which was sitting near the edge of the coals in the brazier. He poured a little more from an ewer into the cup to cool the warmed contents, then sat on his couch, crossed his legs and faced her.

“Close your eyes, woman.” he gently commanded her.

Ariennu closed her eyes, obediently.  Menkaure reached up and sweetly touched her closed eyelids as if he was blessing them, then spoke the companion piece to her words:  “That I may eat of what you eat… that I may drink of what you drink, that I may be strong …” his voice broke here and Ariennu almost opened her eyes when she heard him pause. “That where by you are strong…” Then he tipped the vessel to her lips. She sipped a quarter of the draught. “Open your eyes to me woman of wisdom, Your s…” he started but stopped himself. Ariennu knew he had been about to say:

Your servant begs you.


  1. Who are your favorite writers?  Living ones? Kola Boof is one, no current ones in the fantasy genre… hers is Urban Fantasy. I know I need to read more, but I’m always writing. Evangeline Walton and Robert E. Howard still rank.
  1. What are your plans for the future? Keep writing the rest of the series, and long as my life and grey matter holds out. I will self-publish and try to get an audience. I’ll keep dreaming of it being discovered, catching fire and maybe becoming that “movie”.  A few have said it would be an outstanding movie! I agree.

Thanks for dropping by, Mary! If you would like to connect with Mary, here’s some links for you:
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