It’s Here! Siren’s Call Releases Today


It’s here! Siren’s Call, the third book in the Dark Seas series, releases today. I do hope you enjoy. It’s available at most e-retailers and the print copy is available exclusively at here.

She was irresistible to every man…except one
Lily Borsage is the ultimate siren: gorgeous, aloof and irresistible to all the men in Bayou La Siryna. All of them, that is, until Nashoba Bowman comes back to town. The Native American kid whose innocent first kiss Lily remembers fondly is now all grown-up, hot as an Alabama summer—and immune to Lily’s charms. What self-respecting mermaid could resist finding out more?
But Nash has a dark history that puts any woman he loves in grave danger, and a heritage of power he isn’t ready to accept. And Lily has a secret that no mortal man can ever know. When a mysterious enemy starts menacing Lily, they will both have to risk everything—and embrace their deepest destinies—if they want to survive.



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If you haven’t read the first two books in the series check them out on my Amazon Author’s Page: Debbie Herbert
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There are a couple of new releases, with special prices, from other paranormal romance authors that you might be interested in also reading:
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She is his one desire…

Werewolf Skylar Callahan turned her back on everything she held dear in search of a career. Now a public advocate for her own kind, her political ambitions have shot her straight to the top. But amidst the glitz and glamor lurks a dark presence, one who is obsessed with claiming Skylar as his own. To survive, she must rely on Wyatt Turner—a sexy, albeit lethal, alpha who insists everything be done his way.

He is the only one who can love her…

Wyatt is always looking to stir up trouble, and Skylar is trouble with a capital T. Not only has his wolf chosen her as his intended mate, but she also comes with her very own stalker. Consumed by his need to protect her, Wyatt doesn’t care that she’s determined to keep him at arm’s length. It’s his job to keep her safe, which means getting close to the stubborn she-wolf…just the way he wants it.


For the first time since they’d met that night, she had the height advantage. Lording it over him, she pressed forward until the two were near touching. “I’ll remind you again that you are not my alpha.”

Deep and dark, his growl lifted the hairs on the back of her neck.

“And that this is my house, Wyatt.” The height advantage bolstered her courage. She leaned forward and tapped him on the nose, swallowing at the sudden flash of desire in his eyes. “You can come with me if you want, but—”

She never got the rest of the invitation out. The last thing she’d expected was for the man to pin her against the wall and knock her shoes off with a soul-searing kiss.

Stunned, Sky’s mouth fell open, and Wyatt took full advantage. She sucked in a breath the moment his tongue caressed hers, the hard press of his lips curling her toes. Magic slammed into her as he plundered her mouth. Goodness, the man could kiss. Strong arms curved around her waist and braced her against the wall as he deepened the angle.

Mate…her wolf gave a long, earthy howl, pacing anxiously as the magic swelled between them. Sky melted into his embrace, stricken by the strength of the connection between them. No matter how much she loathed the man, her wolf had an entirely different opinion.

Wyatt broke from the kiss and stared down at her, annoyance tapering his gaze as he snarled, “Shit.”

Shit, indeed.

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Secret Worlds

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With twenty-one stories and over one million enchanting words of fiction, this paranormal romance boxed set will keep you spellbound. Dive into Secret Worlds you never knew existed and into the arms of heroes who will steal your heart and leave you hot.

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HUNTED (Riley Cray #1)

You thought your ex was a nightmare…

Eight years after the attack that changed her life forever, Riley Cray is confronted with something she never thought she’d have to face again: Samson Reed, the werewolf who nearly killed her, has escaped from prison and is headed to Colorado to finish what he started.

With the help of Special Agent Darius Holbrook, Riley is racing against time to stay one step ahead of the crazed werewolf. But Reed isn’t the only monster with his eyes on Riley and as the bodies are piling up she’s beginning to wonder how long it will be before she’s one of them.

Vampires, werewolves, and serial killers, OH MY!

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