As I wrap up the Dark Seas series with this book, I admit to feeling a bit sad to say goodbye to my shapeshifting mermaid clan in the Bama bayou. The characters and the town of Bayou La Siryna feel real to me after spending so much time with them.

Lily’s story in Siren’s Call is all about redemption. In earlier books, she did a few unsavory things and was often portrayed as cold in her treatment of the men who fell for her siren’s voice. But to me, she’s always been the most interesting and mysterious one of the mermaid clan. Writing it was a journey into the soul of a woman who needs to learn much of love and how to express her true feelings.

This book also incorporates Choctaw lore. Native Americans in South Alabama have a fascinating story about mermaids. They were called Okwa Nahollo which loosely translates as “white people of the sea.” While such a tale does exist, I expanded upon it for fiction purposes.

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If you enjoy Native American legends, be on the lookout for a new book, Bayou Shadow Hunter, releasing March 1, 2016 and published by Harlequin Nocturne. It takes place in the same town of Bayou La Siryna, but it’s about hoodoo and the Choctaw tale of evil shadow spirits that roam the bayou woods. And–as always–it has lots of romance! Treat yourself to a nice surprise come March 1 by ordering here.


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Be sure to take Siren’s Call with you on vacation for that perfect beach read or when you are longing to be by the sea!


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